How Do You Find Walmart's Store Hours?

How Do You Find Walmart's Store Hours?

Find Walmart's store hours by visiting the company's official website. Locate your store and read the information below for the hours of operation for the pharmacy, main store and vision center.

  1. Go to

    Establish an Internet connection and pull up the official website for Walmart at

  2. Use the store-finder link

    Locate the "My Local Store" link at the top of the web page and type in your zip code. Click on the Find button and read through the list of stores nearest to you.

  3. Choose your store

    Hover your cursor over the store location you plan to visit and click on the location. This brings up a phone number along with the store's address. Call the store and ask for the hours or click on the link which reads: "See more services and hours." This brings up phone numbers for each department.