What Is the Wall Street Bull Statue?

wall-street-bull-statue Credit: Michael Marquand/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

The Wall Street bull statue, officially titled Charging Bull, is a sculpture by Arturo Di Modica that is located in Bowling Green, New York City, at the intersections of Broadway and Morris streets, just a block north of the South Ferry building at the southern tip of Manhattan. The bronze sculpture weighs more than 3.5 tons and measures 18 feet long. Di Modica and friends left the sculpture in front of the New York Stock Exchange, beneath a Christmas Tree as a gift to the world, in December 1989.

The iconic Charging Bull was removed at the end of the day by the New York Stock Exchange. New York City mayor and others found a permanent home for the statue nearby.

The artist made the bull statue in celebration of the American can-do spirit. Di Modica viewed this symbol of virility and courage as the perfect antidote to the Wall Street crash of 1986.

The bull took more than two years to craft and was so immense that individual bronze sections were cast and then welded together.

In September 2011, barricades were placed by the New York Police Department around the bull statue as protection from protesters during the Occupy Wall Street movement. These barricades were removed in March 2014.