Where Does the Walking Company Have Physical Shoe Stores?


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The Walking Company operates more than 200 physical store locations across the country, many of which are near major cities on the eastern and western costs and in shopping malls or similar areas, as of 2015. As the company frequently opens and closes new locations each year, it offers a store locator tool on its website to find the nearest retail branches.

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To use the store lcoator tool on TheWalkingCompany.com, users must click on the Our Stores tab in the main navigation bar. This loads a page with an interactive map that displays all the operational locations within the country, as the company does not maintain any international locations. Users are able to navigate the map to see different regions, with each store appearing as a pin on the map correlating to its exact location. When a user clicks on one of the pins, she can see details about its address, hours of operation and phone number.

The user can also enter a city and state or ZIP code to immediately jump to that area on the map and see a list of all stores within that area. List results display the same information as the pins, as well as highlighting the location on the map if the user clicks on them. List results also display the hours of operation for the store and include a link to find driving directions to or from the store.

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