Does Walgreens Sell Mouthpieces That Reduce Snoring?


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Walgreens does not carry snore-reducing mouthpieces, as of 2015. Products offered to reduce snoring include nasal breathing aids and throat sprays. The mouthpieces, formally called mandibular advancement devices, are not the same as athletic mouthpieces and may require fitting by a dentist or orthodontist.

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Does Walgreens Sell Mouthpieces That Reduce Snoring?
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Users wear MAD mouthpieces at night, which work by pushing the lower jaw forward. This opens the breathing passages at the back of the throat and may reduce vibrations from the tongue and soft palate. The mouthpieces are not effective if nasal polyps cause the snoring. Possible side effects of MAD mouthpieces include headaches and movement of the teeth, so experts recommend regular dental visits.

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