How Do Wal-Mart Employees Manage Their Schedules?

Wal-Mart employees manage their schedules using an online tool available through the company's employee portal website,, as of 2015. This tool enables managers to create shift assignments and disseminate information to employees, with the times and locations of all work obligations available on a calendar with clear designations for all relevant factors.

When an employee begins working for Wal-Mart, she has the ability to create an account through the company's associate website so that she may manage several aspects of her employment, ranging from benefits options to scheduling details. Creating an account on the site requires the employee to provide her Wal-Mart employee identification number, date of birth, date of hiring and an email address. Once she can access the site, she is able to click on the scheduling section to review the dates on which she must work during the upcoming weeks. This calendar includes the location of the store to which she must report for duty, the times of her shifts and other obligations while on the job.

The shift manager for that store also has access to the calendar, which she uses to assign responsibilities for each team member. As such, the calendar may change over time depending on the requests of other employees or the needs of that particular location. Employees are also able to contact managers and other employees through the site to discuss the schedule and other aspects of employment.