What Wages Can Someone in an Electrical Union Earn?


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In data from 2012, the five states with the highest salaries for electricians ヨ an average of $70,094 ヨ had significantly higher rates of union electricians than the national average. However, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics does not provide a breakdown of electricians' salaries based on union membership.

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What Wages Can Someone in an Electrical Union Earn?
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In 2012, the national average salary for an electrician was $53,030. However, electricians on average earned much higher salaries in states with higher union membership. The top five states and their salary averages were Alaska at $74,280, New York at $70,580, Illinois at $70,060, Oregon at $68,320 and Hawaii at $67,230. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, the largest U.S. union, reports that union jobs pay 27 percent more a week than non-union jobs.

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