What Is VP Crossmark Salestrak?

VP Crossmark Salestrak is an online merchandising solution that gives users business insights and analytics and allows them to engage shoppers, collect field intelligence, and stage in-store events. The service mainly provides business growth solutions to registered users.

Salestrack is one of the services provided by the Crossmark Company. Johnson and Hunt Merchandise Brokers established the company as a sales and marketing service provider in 1905. Salestrak enables users to build their brand and establish customer loyalty in a competitive market. This service educates users on the most effective marketing strategies and provides them with industry-specific data to facilitate informed marketing decisions.

To access VP Crossmark Salestrak, users must have a Crossmark webmail account and a password. Crossmark provides the organizations that register for the Saletrak service with these credentials. Individual organizations then assign these credentials to the sales and marketing personnel. When users sign in, the webmail program launches and gives users access to the portal.

VP Crossmark Salestrak specializes in providing marketing solutions to problems encountered by businesses in the retail, manufacturing and distribution industries. The service allows users to customize preferences according to their stock, pricing audits and other aspects of marketing. The service also offers information on marketing trends and technologies.