How Do You Find Volunteer Opportunities?

How Do You Find Volunteer Opportunities?

To find volunteer opportunities, consider organizations you already know, network with family and friends, visit local volunteer centers and search online. A good volunteer opportunity should meet personal goals, interests and availability.

Start with the organizations you already know and trust. Think about groups where you have made donations, admire or that enjoy a good reputation in the community. This is ideal for first-time volunteers.

Next, talk to personal and professional networks to find out about potential volunteering opportunities. Target people who work for faith, non-profit or government organizations, and ask if they currently have opportunities for volunteers.

Large urban areas often have volunteer centers where people can go to find postings. Speak with a representative about your interests, goals and availability to increase the chances of finding a good posting. These centers also provide valuable resources for first-time volunteers to make the process as smooth as possible.

Lastly, use Internet resources specifically targeting volunteers. Websites such as VolunteerMatch, and Volunteer Solutions can prove useful in finding a good posting. Think about your ideal role, personal skills and talents when considering various opportunities. Visit the different organization websites to find out their mission, activities and affiliations. Speak to a volunteer coordinator or manager at the organization once you have made a decision to find out about the volunteer application process and requirements.