What Are Some Voice Over Talent Jobs?


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Voice-over talents can find work on television productions, movie studios, radio stations, advertising agencies and theaters. The main task of voice-over talents involve the reading of a script to convey a message or information in a production such as in a television advertisement or a public service announcement, states The Art Career Project website.

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The work of voice-over talents can often be heard on commercials and infomercials, providing information that cannot otherwise be relayed in the visual presentation. Voice-over actors can also be heard in television shows, plays, movies, documentaries and sport broadcasts, adding plots, storylines and color commentaries, as stated on The Art Career Project.

While voice-over work, which mainly requires the talent to read lines from a script, is not as easy as it seems. Voice-over talents need to have a strong, clear voice and are able to read and speak well. They are also called "voice-over actors" as they may also be required to convey certain emotions using their voice alone. For instance, a voice-over talent may be required to sound genuinely excited about a product for a commercial or may be asked to sound in such a way to affect the audience in an emotional way.

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