What Are Some Visa Platinum Card Benefits?

The Visa Platinum Card available from U.S. Bank offers many benefits, ranging from zero fraud liability to cash access. Zero fraud liability means the cardholder is not responsible for unauthorized transactions if the card is stolen, while cash access means the cardholder can withdraw cash from over 1 million ATMs worldwide, according to US Bank.

The Visa Platinum card offers fraud protection, which means the cardholder is notified of any unusual activity, so fraudulent charges are caught quickly, explains US Bank. Online banking is available for the viewing of current statements, account history and current balance, and also gives the option of making online payments and obtaining cash advances. FlexControl is an online tool offered though U.S. Bank that helps the cardholder avoid interest and late fees by setting up automatic payments. The Platinum card also has no annual fees.

There are some additional benefits the cardholder has access to, including overdraft protection, which transfers funds from the Platinum card into the associated checking account as needed, notes US Bank. Convenience checks are also available upon request to pay bills, make purchases or consolidate high-interest balances. Each cardholder has the opportunity to make balance transfers from credit accounts with higher interest to the Platinum account, in order to save money and make a single monthly payment.