Is Viridian Energy a Scam?

The Better Business Bureau, or BBB, states that it has sufficient background information about Viridian Energy, LLC. However, the business is not BBB accredited because it has failed to resolve 14 complaints filed against it; and, government actions against the company exist. Viridian Energy claims to offer variable rates for electricity, but from December 2013 to March 2014, the BBB has received numerous complaints about the company from its customers.

Viridan's customers complain about arbitrary increases in their variable rates by double or even triple the normal rates without prior notice. The customers also complain about the long wait times of up to one hour when they attempt to reach the company's customer service lines for assistance. Lastly, customers experience significant difficulties when trying to cancel Viridian's services due to long delays.

Experts on electricity rates at Electricity Watch claim that Viridian's variable rates are more expensive than fixed and variable rates offered by other providers. The main risks associated with Viridian's rates is that there is no limit to how high the rates can go, which leaves the consumer highly exposed to price fluctuations in the wholesale market. According to the BBB, Viridian responds to numerous customer complaints filed through the BBB.