What Is Viewsat V-Link Dongle?


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The Viewsat V-link dongle is a dongle designed to allow users to connect their Viewsat V-link to the appropriate medium. With the dongle in place, users can connect to numerous channels based on their configurations and preferences, though free-to-air systems are always received through the use of the dongle.

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The Viewsat brand provides customers with extended warranties on their products if they do not perform as desired. The Viewsat products are designed to provide users with access to free-to-air, or FTA, channels, and their connection capabilities vary from product to product. Among the other products available with Viewsat are accessories such as satellite finding hardware and satbeepers, as well as primary devices, such as the Viewsat Ultra Lite and Viewsat Max HD systems.

Anybody can access these systems because FTA channels do not require any additional package programming. The channels are always free to view without any monthly charges, and they may be broadcast on both digital or analog signals. Because no contract is required and there are numerous channels that operate on this system, users can choose from a variety of broadcasting options. There are many FTA channels broadcast from other countries, so users who speak another language can connect to their native tongue's channel and view the programming there.

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