How Do You Get Into Video Game Design?

How Do You Get Into Video Game Design?

To become a video game designer, get training, determine a career path, gain experience and develop a game. Understanding of software programs, programming languages and 3D modeling programs is essential to video game design.

A bachelor’s degree in game design may be essential to designing a video game. Coursework may include storyboard rendering, level and interface design, drawing and scripting. Alternative related courses that may be useful in designing a video game include software engineering and computer science.

There are different types of designers, making it necessary to choose a career path. Types of designers include content, level and lead designers. It is important to learn the responsibilities related to the chosen game design career before making a final decision.

Experience is important in getting hired as a designer. One can gain experience through working in co-op positions or internships at game studios. Some small businesses hire inexperienced artists and programmers with the possibility of future game design positions.

Lastly, develop a game. Aspiring designers generally use inexpensive or free programs at their disposal to create simple games before progressing to more complex projects. Starting small helps to potential designers learn the basics and gain hands-on experience in video game design. The developed games can be added to a portfolio to highlight the designer’s experience.