What Are Some Facts About Versatile Tractors?


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Versatile tractors are manufactured in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, by Buhler Industries Inc., which is a part of the Russian-owned agricultural equipment company Rostselmash. Founded in 1966 by Roy Robinson and Peter Pakosh, the Versatile tractor company was an innovator in tractor design and manufacture.

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The Versatile tractor company began as an independent enterprise that produced articulated D100 and G100 four-wheel drive tractors with six-cylinder diesel and eight-cylinder gasoline engines. There was an increase in demand for four-wheel drive tractors in the 1970s, and Versatile tractors acquired 70 percent of the market. From the 100-horsepower early models, the company expanded into manufacture of 220- and 330-horsepower tractors. In the mid-1970s, Daniel Pakosh created the first bi-directional tractor for the company.

In 1977, the Versatile tractor company was sold to Cornat Industries Inc. In 1987, the company was acquired by Ford-New Holland, which later became New Holland when it was purchased by the Italian company Fiat. The New Holland brand branched off from Fiat to create CNH Global. In 2007, Rostselmash took over ownership of Versatile when it accumulated 80 percent of its stock. In October 2008, Rostselmash officially linked the Versatile brand with the tractor division of the company. As of 2014, the Versatile tractor company produces four-wheel drive tractors, front-wheel assist tractors, seeders, combines and other agricultural equipment.

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