How Do You Verify Employment?


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Prospective employers verify previous work history by contacting past employers and asking standard verification questions regarding dates of employment and type of position held. Employment verification can be done internally or outsourced to a qualified company.

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Employment information is given out by a company's human resources department or person in charge of hiring. Work history is considered private, unless an employee has given a company signed permission to allow work history to be shared with potential employers. Therefore, when seeking to verify an applicant's work history, it is necessary to ask for someone in human resources. The former company may limit the amount of information it gives out about a current or former employee due to company policy.

Basic information requested during a work history check includes asking if the person worked for the company. This simple question is necessary to ensure an applicant is being truthful about having worked for a specific company. Some applicants are tempted to lie on a job application, which is why work history is verified. It is also standard to ask about job titles and salary to ensure an applicant is qualified for the position he is seeking. Sometimes, a former employer may share an opinion about the applicant when asked about rehiring a previous employee.

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