How Do You Verify a CCNA Certification?

Verify Cisco Certified Network Associate certifications through Cisco's online verification tool. CCNA certificates are highly valued in the information technology field, as they indicate that a person holding one has achieved a high level of knowledge about Cisco networking devices. Upon successful completion of a CCNA testing course, a CCNA certificate with a unique code is presented.

The 16-digit certification code listed on each CCNA certificate is unique to the individual holding the certificate. Each CCNA number is retained in a database owned by Cisco, which keeps a record of the status of each certification, including its issued date and expiration date.

Validate CCNA certification by entering the unique 16-digit code into Cisco's online verification tool. Upon submission, the tool returns an error message if the certification code is incorrect or a confirmation if it's correct. Those who register with Cisco's certification tracking system can log into a website that displays detailed information about the certification that isn't available to the public, including personal information that's not published through the online verification tool. To ensure a certificate verification number returns a positive result in the search tool, holders of CCNA certifications should re-test on a yearly basis to renew them.