How Do You Verify a Business License?


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You can verify a business license online on the website of the state or county in which the business operations take place. You need a device such as a computer with Internet connection to complete this task.

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Start by determining the license type. Types of licenses include a state license, which permits operation of a business within a state, and an occupational license, which legitimizes business operations within a county. Examples of businesses that require the state license include, among others, real estate agencies and financial businesses. After determining the type of license under verification, find the website of the state or county harboring the business by searching on Business.gov or the National Association of Counties.

Access the appropriate website, and search the business's licensing department. One way to access the department is to type the business name in the search bar and select the search button. Providing the business's details, such as contact information and address, is necessary. Contact the department's secretary by phone, and ask for assistance in verification to complete the process.

A business license verification is a process of determining the validity of a business license. It is important because it prevents possible liabilities associated with dealing with businesses that lack valid licenses.

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