What Is on a Verification of Employment Form?


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Verification of employment forms include the name of the individual being vetted, his job title and date of hire. His hourly, monthly and annual pay rate is asked, as well as how many hours the individual works per week and any upcoming changes in his normal pay rate over the next year. Verification of employment forms also ask the employer if the individual is likely to stay employed and, depending on the form's use, information about his health care benefits.

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Verification of employment forms include a place for the employer to comment on the individual in question, as well as provide his name, title and contact number.

To process a verification of employment form, first verify the company name and contact information. Contact their Human Resources department by phone and ask if they would prefer to verify the information via phone or by filling out the form. If they prefer the form, mail, email or fax it to them. The form may be completed by either Human Resources or the employee's direct supervisor.

Verification of employment forms can be filled out for a variety of circumstances. Landlords use them to ensure that potential tenants have the means to pay rent every month. Similarly, banks and mortgage lenders require verification of employment forms to determine creditworthiness. The Office of Child Support Enforcement uses them to decide how much of the individual's salary should be dedicated to his support payments, as well as whether the child is placed under his health care benefits.

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