Where Do You Find Vendors for Company Events?

Find vendors for a company event or meeting through sites such as FestivalsAndEvents.com, Festivals-And-Shows.com and Cvent.com, as of 2015. Other options include checking industry publications for ads from relevant vendors and reaching out to event planners to obtain referrals and recommendations.

FestivalsAndEvents.com contains a tool used to quickly locate vendors according to the states in which they operate, as well as a category filtering option to find a specific type of vendor, such as one that sells food or specializes in event setup. The tool supports selections for multiple states or vendor classifications, and it displays all matching results on a new page.

Festivals-And-Shows.com also organizes its vendors according to the states they serve, though it does maintain a separate list of vendors that operate nationwide. State results appear with a list of all vendors active on the site, with each vendor having its own page that includes pictures, a description of its services and its contact information.

Cvent.com contains a wide selection of tools and resources for corporate and business event planning, including a Services search tool to locate vendors within a specific area. The site also allows users to search for event locations and other types of venues, such as restaurants.

Some industry publications, such as magazines or newsletters, may include advertisements from vendors that cater to that sector. Business event planning companies may also have references for vendors and may be able to secure discounted rates for clients.