What Vehicles Qualify for IRS Section 179?

Vehicles that are used for business purposes can qualify for the deduction under IRS Section 179. While there are no specific requirements as far as the make and model of the vehicle there are requirements for what the vehicle can be used for, and how much it is used.

Examples of vehicles that can typically meet the requirements for the full Section 179 deduction include vehicles that seat nine plus passengers behind the driver’s seat, vehicles that have a fully enclosed driver’s compartment and cargo area and non-SUV vehicles that have a cargo area that is a minimum of six feet in interior length. Cargo vans and other vehicles that are not designed for passenger use can also meet the requirements.

For the average passenger vehicle, qualifying for the Section 179 deduction requires that the vehicle be used more than 50 percent of the time in a qualified business use. There are exceptions to this requirement including ambulances or hearses, vehicles that are used to specifically transport people or property for hire, and vehicles that have been modified for business use such as one that has had the exterior painted with a company’s name or logo.

Section 179 requirements allow for vehicles to be new or used, and the vehicle can be financed or paid for outright.