What Are the Various Types of Farming?

Some of the most common types of farming available include intensive farming, collective farming, organic farming, vertical farming, factory farming and arable farming. Farming is an important activity that has enabled various communities throughout the world to produce enough food products to sustain human life.

Various types of farming suit certain locations while others are best suited for those on a budget. Below are some details regarding the different types of farming available.

  • Organic farming — this is the type of farming whereby the farmer greatly depends on organic substances to sustain productivity. The use of organic manure, mechanical cultivation and biological pest control techniques are quite common here.
  • Intensive farming — in this type of farming, the farmer tries to make maximum gain from a limited piece of land. This means he or she may rear a large number of animals or grow a lot of crops on a very limited piece of land. The farmer uses various techniques to ensure maximum yield despite having little land.
  • Fell farming — this type of farming involves growing crops or grazing animals in hilly areas. These areas are not traditionally viewed as ideal for agriculture but with various techniques, farmers can achieve great yields from them. Grazing sheep and cattle is a common practice in this type of farming.