How Do You Find the Value of Your Totaled Car Reimbursement?


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Use some of the same techniques that the insurance company uses to determine the value of a totaled car reimbursement, as Edmunds recommends. They determine the cash value of a totaled vehicle using value guidebooks, dealer surveys and private party sales. Their figures also include sales tax and the cost of registration and titling the vehicle in the estimated amount. Most also use a proprietary figure in the formula that they do not disclose to the public.

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The time that victims of accidents spend investigating the value of vehicles can benefit them with higher payouts from insurance companies, as Bankrate explains. Claims adjusters contact victims with offers for replacing vehicles, but insured parties do not have to accept the first offers that they receive. If they have information showing that a vehicle is worth more than the offer, they have the option of presenting this documentation to the adjusters.

Sometimes the insured and the insurance company are unable to come to an agreement, according to Bankrate. If the insured parties feel that the company is treating them unfairly, they have the right to contact their state’s department of insurance, and all states have a procedure for filing a complaint in such cases. Another option that consumers have is hiring an independent adjuster for an appraisal from an unbiased party

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