How Do You Value Gold State Quarters?

Gold-plated state quarters are worth approximately 25 cents, or the face value of the coin. These coins are usually legal tender, U.S. government-issued coins that were plated with a small amount of gold by an aftermarket coin marketing company. The gold plating does not add value for serious coin collectors.

Gold quarters are sold through various coin marketing firms, including the television shopping channel HSN. The U.S. government does not issue gold quarters. The gold effect is achieved by adding gold plating to standard issue U.S. quarters. These gold-plated quarters, which are mass produced, contain only minuscule amounts of gold. For these reasons, gold state quarters are normally valued at their face value.

Gold-plated and colorized coin sets are often purchased for their aesthetic value. Before purchasing coins of any type, collectors may determine their value by consulting respected coin collecting guides such as The Whitman Red Book, CoinSite and the NGC US Coin Price Guide. As a general rule of thumb, coins increase in value as they age, and coins in better condition are worth more than coins that are scratched, dull or dirty. Each year, the U.S. Mint offers complete, mint condition sets of that year's U.S. coins.