If There Is a Vacancy for a Courier Driver, How Do You Apply?

To apply for a vacancy as a courier driver, go to Indeed.com, Monster.com or Snagajob.com. All three sites show job listings for various jobs in the city and state of your choice.

On Monster.com, enter the job title, any special skills, keywords and the desired city and state. The site offers a more refined search by tapping on the Advanced Job Search wording.

Once all the information is filled in, click the spy glass to see a list of jobs fitting the description, along with the location. The location can be narrowed down by miles, from five to 200. The job listings include the job title, name of the employer, location and when the job was posted. Selecting a specific job produces another page with information about the company, the job description and requirements for employment, and it may include hours and salary. Below this information, there is a blue box that the applicant can select to go to the actual application. Enter the email address and the application page pops up.

Indeed.com works in a similar fashion except the initial list contains more information than Monster.com and the mileage requirements are included in the Advanced Job search section of the site.

Snagajob.com does not offer as much information as the other two sites but does allow for narrowing down by relevancy, date or distance.

All three sites offer the applicant the option of signing up for future job openings in the chosen job category and location.