How Do You Utilize Credit Report Dispute Forms?


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Consumers can use credit report dispute forms to report inaccuracies in their credit reports to the three main credit reporting companies, which are Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, explains the Federal Trade Commission. The dispute report can be in letter format as long as it includes all the necessary information.

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The Fair Credit Reporting Act stipulates that consumers are able to order free credit reports annually from each of the three main credit reporting companies, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Consumers can receive all three reports simultaneously or space them throughout the year. If consumers notice inaccurate information in a credit report, they can use a dispute form or letter to inform the reporting company of the mistake. For instance, Equifax has dispute forms available online, or printable forms to send by mail, states Equifax. The reporting company is obliged to investigate, correct the mistake, and notify the other credit reporting companies so they can correct their records as well.

In a dispute letter to a credit reporting company, include your name, complete address and the date, advises the FTC. Identify any errors in the report, state the correct facts, and request that the mistake be corrected or deleted. Include a copy of the report with the mistakes circled, along with copies, not originals, of any documentation that supports your position. Send the letter and enclosures by certified mail with return receipt requested.

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