What Is Usually Included in a Doctor's Note?


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A doctor's note usually contains the name of the person seen by the doctor, the date of visitation, a description of the patient's impairment, and a description of the limitation caused by the impairment, according to the Medical Society of Northern Virginia. The note also includes the period through which the impairment affects the patient's ability to work.

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A doctor's note describes the accommodation an employee needs in consideration of the impairment, which may include leave from work, notes the Medical Society of Northern Virginia. The note includes the name, address and telephone number of the medical facility and the physician who attended to the patient. Information on the note should not be too vague or general since the note helps the employer to determine the work status of the employee.

The American with Disabilities Act gives employers the right to ask employees for documentation of medical examinations under certain conditions, claims the Medical Society of Northern Virginia. An employer may ask for a doctor's note if he believes the medical condition of a patient may affect the safety of the workplace, notes the Houston Chronicle. Employees who take work-protected leave to take care of their children or immediate family members with serious health problems may also need to submit a certification completed by a doctor.

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