What Are USPS Employment Tests?


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The United States Postal Service requires applicants for many of its positions to pass employment aptitude exams to qualify. These positions include rural and city carrier, mail processor and mail handler. None of these exams test subjects for factual knowledge, according to Education.com.

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The Federal Jobs Network reports that USPS exams vary based on the type of position for which a person is applying, and include the 473, 473-C and 460. Education.com indicates that the 473 exam, the most common USPS entrance test, consists of sections relating to address checking, completion of forms, memory and coding ability and personal characteristics. Each section is timed.

For decades, those taking postal entrance exams were required to take lengthy, handwritten tests. USPS now allows applicants to apply and complete initial assessments online for post office jobs before taking a proctored computer entrance exam at a designated testing facility.

The Federal Trade Commission warns against scam companies not affiliated with USPS promising to help people who pay a fee to pass postal entrance exams, contending there is no way to study for an aptitude test. The FCC also notes that, when hiring, the USPS weighs other factors including drug tests, background tests and even veteran status.

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