Does the USPS Deliver on Saturday?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) delivers both mail and parcels on Saturday; a proposed plan would cease Saturday mail delivery, but would continue with parcel delivery. The USPS is suffering from financial strain due to the decrease in the mailing of paper letters and supports the idea that delivering mail 6 days a week is no longer cost effective.

The potential plan to move to 5-day mail delivery would keep post offices open on Saturdays. Individuals with a Post Office box would still receive Saturday delivery as current proposals only cease Saturday mail delivery to physical addresses. The USPS cannot shift to 5-day mail delivery until applicable provisions are passed by Congress.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that a shift to five-day service could save the USPS $2.5 billion per year to start, and $2.0 billion per year over a 10-year period. Virginia Congressman Gerry Connolly estimates that 80,000 jobs would be lost as a result of such a move. The USPS has countered that this equates to 25,000 full-time jobs and that a workforce reduction of this size could be accomplished largely through attrition.