What Are Some Uses for Magnesium?


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Magnesium has a variety of industrial, biological and medical uses. Because it is less dense than aluminum, manufacturers use magnesium in a variety of products that benefit from reduced weight such as airplane and automobile seats, luggage, cellphones and laptop computers.

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Since it ignites easily and burns with an intense white light, camera manufacturers use magnesium for flash photography, and fireworks manufacturers use magnesium for pyrotechnic displays and for sparklers.

Magnesium also has a variety of agricultural and medical uses. Magnesium is the primary element found in chlorophyll, which plants use during photosynthesis. Humans need magnesium for the proper functioning of certain enzymes. It is a common ingredient in fertilizers, sedatives, Epsom salts and medicines that alleviate digestive disorders such as dyspepsia and constipation.

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