What Are the Uses of Inspection Forms?


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Inspection forms are used by home inspectors to note any problems with the structure. Inspection forms often have sections for the home's structure, HVAC systems, electrical infrastructure and plumbing.

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Inspections are complex, and inspectors need a way to organize the information they collect. Inspection forms may also have rubrics from grading the severity of any problems they see. If problems noted during inspection make a home unsafe for occupancy, inspectors can fail the home. Cities and counties often hire inspectors to check homes that have been renovated.

Home buyers are often advised to have a potential home inspected before purchasing it. While a home might look well maintained to the inexperienced, home inspectors know how to look for signs of damage. Small cracks in a foundation, for example, may indicate significant safety problems that are expensive to repair. Similarly, seemingly minor damage to a roof may necessitate a complete replacement.

Sellers may want to hire an inspector as well, and even homeowners who plan on living in their homes for the foreseeable future can benefit from an inspection. Fixing problems before putting a home on the market can allow sellers to avoid lengthy negotiations over the cost of fixing problems. Home inspections often unveil problems that only get more expensive to address over time.

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