What Are Some Uses for Engraved USB Sticks?


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Engraved USB sticks work well as party favors, gifts and corporate handouts. A variety of companies provide engraved USB sticks that can feature words and graphics printed on them. Some USB sticks even feature custom shapes, colors and designs, and companies that offer them will often provide detailed customizations based on a customer's order.

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Customized software on a USB stick, when paired with a custom physical design, makes for a great conversation piece or digital business card. Small USB sticks with low memory are available from some retailers that will print a name, phone number or company name on the side of the stick. Adding a resume, business contact information or brochure to the USB stick in the form of a file is a great way to make an impression on a potential client.

Custom USB sticks are available for virtually any occasion. Wedding photographers, for example, will sometimes deliver photographs to a client on a customized USB stick. Inexpensive USB sticks in different colors or shapes make great party favors or contest prizes.

A customized USB stick with a user's name, address and phone number printed on the side is a great idea in case the USB stick is ever lost. Anyone who finds the stick will immediately know where to return it.

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