What Are the Uses of Email Marketing Software?


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Email marketing software is a digitized version of direct mail, and it helps businesses of all sizes refine their digital communications with clients by tracking factors that lead to higher conversion rates. For example, marketers are able to see which emails are opened or immediately deleted, so they can determine which headlines are more attractive to recipients. They can also see how often a particular email campaign leads to sales or persuades customers to continue using a service.

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Features vary across different email marketing platforms, and the most basic software enables businesses to build a refined email list of clients who are most likely to show interest in the product or service. Most email marketing software offers tools for “onboarding” customers, which involves recording analytical data about the way each visitor behaves when receiving email or visiting a business’s website. Businesses use the data to create email communications with strategically formatted layouts and subscription hooks that generate repeat business. Companies may also use these metrics to determine which points of contact, such as blogs, are most effective for recruiting email subscribers.

Many marketers value email marketing software for its scalability, which gives smaller businesses the marketing power to compete with big-budget companies. Businesses that might otherwise be limited by region are able to send targeted communications to an international client base through newsletters, online sales promotions, surveys and event notices.

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