What Are Some Uses for a Brother Label Maker?


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Brother label makers are useful for organizing office files, identifying contents in food storage containers, identifying computer and electronic equipment cables, and keeping track of personal items. Companies use Brother label makers for inventory management, and laboratories find them useful for labeling chemicals.

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Organizing office files is a popular use for Brother label makers, and one organizing method is to print file names on different colored labels as part of a color coding system. This type of filing system makes it easy to quickly identify important files. Staffers can print white labels and attach them to the side of binders, which takes the guesswork out of selecting the right binder. Offices can also use Brother label makers to create small labels for office keys with department name or phone number. Labels can also serve as decals for coffee pots containing regular and decaffeinated coffee, and carafes containing tea or milk.

Brother label makers can produce any number of office signs for purposes such as labeling plastic recycle bins to designate bins for paper, plastic, glass and aluminum cans. Homemade employee badges are easy to create by printing out the employee's name and title and affixing it to a blank badge. Brother laminated labels are safe to use on equipment stored at extreme temperatures, and they're ideal for industrial maintenance signs.

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