What Are Some Useful Supplies to Own When Opening up a Barber Shop?


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Useful supplies to own when opening a barber shop include a variety of combs and scissors, spray bottles, electric hair clippers and cleaning products to both sanitize equipments and remove discarded hair. Capes to protect customer's clothing, paper neck strips to keep hair off of customers, rubber gloves and various hair styling products are also helpful to have.

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The necessary supplies to open a barber shop varies between businesses depending on the style of the shop, though, most require a wide array of cleaning products to help keep the location sanitary. This may include a broom and receptacle to sweep up hair from the floor along with a mop and floor cleaner. The shop may also need sanitary wipes or rags and sprays to clean off the chairs after each customer, or at the end of the day.

Most barber shops also need items to help protect customers from getting hair stuck in their clothing or on their bodies, often through specialized caps that cover the front of the client and clip together in the back. Some barbers also use neck strips, which wrap around the client's neck before the cape to help prevent wet hair from sticking to the body.

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