What Are Some Useful Skills to Acquire to Make More Than the Minimum Wage?


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Learning project management can enhance an existing skill set and make someone more desirable to employers so that they'd be willing to pay more in salary or hourly wages. The reason behind this is that such a skill involves organizing and seeing a plan to fruition, which enables projects to be completed.

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There's some technical knowledge to learn that can boost a paycheck as well. For example, learning the latest software such as software as a service — commonly referred to as just SAS — can make a person more valuable to senior management, because such knowledge involves important things like business forecasting. This can lead to jobs like business analyst. Java is another topic to learn that employers are willing to pay well for.

The combination of learning a bit about technology — the more the better — and learning how to be a good writer can lead to well-paying jobs such as a technical writer. Technical writing also happens to be a job where mathematical knowledge is not important, according to Business Insider.

Learning Spanish can possibly take a person beyond a minimum wage pay grade, as stated by Monster.com. There's a demand for workers who can speak both Spanish and English, because the Latino population in the United States has increased, and there's a need for businesses to have the capability to properly speak to and understand this community.

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