What Are Some Useful Rules to Follow When Running a Meeting?


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To have an effective meeting, only invite people relevant to the meeting's purpose, start with a clear agenda and stick to the topic. Proper time management also helps in running a meeting effectively.

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Consider who really needs to attend the meeting, weigh their relevance, and how their skills and expertise provide assistance in achieving the goals of the meeting. Devise basic ground rules, remind the participants about the rules, and go through them in case of new participants.

Prepare a written agenda, and involve key participants in the process. An agenda guides the actions that lead to the achievement of the overall goal. Circulate the agenda in advance of the meeting so that the participants can know what to expect and how to prepare. Include the actions needed, the type of output expected, and time estimates for addressing each item on the agenda.

Always start the meeting as scheduled, and appoint a time manager to help in tracking time. Allocate realistic time for each item on the agenda so the sessions can run according to schedule. When people drift off the topic, gently guide the meeting back to the substantive agenda items. If the meeting needs to run long, then include appropriate time for breaks in the schedule.

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