What Are Some Useful Office Forms?


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Useful forms to have in an office include requests for time off, employee identification forms, expense report templates and time sheets. Other types of useful forms vary depending on the nature of the company, as many industries require frequent use of special documentation that directly relates to the daily activities of the employees.

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Many office environments commonly require the use of forms to request time off, either by claiming a portion of a vacation allotment or simply to notify managers of the employee's absence. These forms frequently feature areas to write in the name and position of the employee, the dates during which the absence is to occur and the reason for not reporting to work. In some cases, the company may forgo these forms and instead require the employee to mark the time on a time sheet. These documents allow employees to create a record of the exact hours worked over a given period and submit them to a manger to receive payment during each pay period.

Most companies also feature a form to catalog the personal information of new employees, such as name, home address, cell phone number and the details of emergency contacts. The company may also have forms that ask for the employee's social security number or other documentation to prove the ability to work legally. Other useful forms may include documents to track reimbursable expenses or to report misconduct in the workplace.

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