How Do You Use a ZIP Code Map?


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Use a ZIP code map to browse or search ZIP codes for specific areas. The ZIP code map from UnitedStatesZIPCodes.com provides both an interactive map to scroll through as well as accompanying search engines for locating ZIP codes on the map.

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To find ZIP codes using the map on UnitedStatesZIPCodes.com, scroll through the map to see ZIP codes in different states. Do so by clicking and holding on the left mouse button and then moving your cursor to different states. The website gives you the option of viewing the ZIP code map as a satellite image by clicking on the Satellite tab on the upper left-hand corner of the map. A zoom tool enables you to zoom in on certain ZIP codes to see smaller roads, communities and land features with those particular ZIP codes, and it also lets you zoom out to see codes for larger regions.

The website's search engines interact with the map by locating specific ZIP codes. Type in a city, address or county into the search engine to find out that area's ZIP code and to locate it on the map. A second search engine enables you to type in ZIP codes to identify what city or county they belong to.

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