How do you use Zestimate to check your home's value?


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Search for your home's address at Zillow.com/homes to see the Zestimate for your home. The Zestimate as calculated by Zillow appears to the right of the address and property description. Click Correct Home Facts to fix errors in Zillow's information to get a more accurate Zestimate for your property.

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A Zestimate is the estimated market value of a home as calculated by Zillow's proprietary formula. The number is not an official appraisal, but it gives you an idea of the home's value. Several factors go into the number, including the location, physical traits of the home, tax assessments and other sales in the area.

Zillow automatically generates Zestimates for properties listed on the site three times each week. The Zestimate appears on the home's page on Zillow. If you scroll down further, you can click the Zestimate Details for historical values and other information about the calculation.

As the homeowner, you have the option of updating information on your home's Zillow page. You need to create or log in to your Zillow account to verify that you own the home. Click Correct Home Facts, and enter accurate information to update the Zestimate for your home. A change to the Zestimate can take up to two months.

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