How Do You Use the XE Foreign Currency Converter?


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To use the currency converter on XE.com, enter the currency to be converted and then select the currency to be converted to. For example, select U.S. dollars on the first drop-down list, select the Euro on the next list, and then hit the button on the right to convert.

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How Do You Use the XE Foreign Currency Converter?
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The currency converter on XE.com has a database that regularly updates the value of international currencies and uses that database as a source for its currency conversion tools. When using the currency converter, the numbers received vary according to their current market values. They offer applications for websites, as well as phone and computer applications, all of which access the same database to perform conversions.

XE.com is a website dedicated entirely to currency around the world and the exchange rates that make them fluctuate. In addition to the currency converter tools, XE.com has historical currency value charts, current news articles about the status of various currencies, popular currency profile listings and professional market analysis articles for various international markets. There is even an option to receive email updates about major changes in a given currency.

XE.com also has a dedicated currency transfer service. The website requires a registered account to access the service and boasts a free transfer options as well as secure encryption to protect accounts from unlawful access.

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