How Do You Use the Woodsmith Magazine Index?


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Use the Woodsmith magazine index by finding the subject term you are looking for using the Woodsmith Library's alphabetic database and finding the relevant two-number link. The number in the link before the colon is the magazine issue number, while the second number is the relevant page number.

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Clicking on the link gives all users a brief summary of the article, but most of the content in the Woodsmith Library is restricted to paying users. Accessing the entire Woodsmith Library database requires purchasing a subscription to the online service. Purchasing a subscription provides access to digitized versions of every issue of Woodsmith ever published.

In addition to searching by subject or keyword using the index, users can also search the Woodsmith Library using publication years. Entering a publication year brings up a list of every issue of Woodsmith from that year. Users can also browse archived issues of Woodsmith magazine using a tool that shows thumbnail images of every magazine cover.

The Woodsmith Library opens issues inside the user's browser, but it requires some software to do so. All issues of Woodsmith in the library use the PDF format. Reading and searching the files in a browser requires Adobe Reader or a similar PDF viewing software.

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