How Do You Use Visa EGift Cards Online?

As of 2015, Visa eGift cards must be registered with the card issuer before making online purchases. According to Visa, cards may be registered by contacting the card issuer via telephone or their website and providing additional personal information to be linked to the eGift card, such as the cardholder's name, address and telephone number. Visa eGift cards are accepted by most retailers that accept regular Visa cards.

Visa states that after being registered, eGift cards may be used online in the same way manner credit or debit cards are used. Cardholders may use Visa eGift cards by entering the card's information into the checkout page of any online merchant that accepts Visa. An eGift card may also need to be activated before use, depending on the issuer's policies.

Visa eGift cards are non-reloadable prepaid value cards that may be used for multiple transactions up to the amount loaded onto the card at the time of purchase. According to Incentive Card Lab, a major Visa eGift card retailer, eGift cards are delivered via email. The minimum and maximum dollar amount that may be preloaded on an individual Visa eGift card varies among retailers, states Visa. Visa eGift cards are available from several online retailers.