How Do You Use Utility Locating Services?


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Customers access utility locating services by dialing 811 from any state in the country. Local water, electric, gas, phone and cable utility companies send agents to locate any underground utilities on a property at no charge to the customer.

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When a customer calls 811, he provides an operator with his location and contact information and an explanation of why utilities need to be located on the property. The 811 operator notifies each utility who may have facilities present on the property. Utility companies send an agent or a contractor out to locate the utilities within two or three days of a customer request.

Once the contractor locates the facilities, he marks each type of utility with a different color of spray paint. Red indicates electric, yellow indicates gas, blue indicates water and orange indicates communication, such as cable, security and telephone lines.

Utility companies provide locating services at no charge to customers in order to encourage customers to call before they dig. Locating utilities in advance of digging helps to prevent injury, property damage and possible death from explosions, flooding and electrocutions caused by damaged utilities.

Utility companies also provide these services in an effort to protect their facilities in order to prevent outages and service disruptions.

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