How Do You Use a USAF Pay Chart?

How Do You Use a USAF Pay Chart?

Using the Air Force's salary chart, select a position column and the row with number of years of experience. The spot at which the column and row meet provides the current salary for that position.

For a senior airman with four years of experience, go to the F-4/Senior Airman column and the Over 4 row for experience. The salary for 2015 is $27,198. A technical sergeant with 10 years' experience is listed at $38,920.

Many Air Force members begin at Airman Basic with a salary of $17,892. Based on experience and prior service, some members enter at higher ranks. The second level is Airman; the salary is $20,056. Both positions cover a member's first two years.

The salary for the Air Force's third rank, Airman First Class, begins at $21,089 and reaches a maximum of $23,774 for members with four years of experience. Senior airmen begin at $23,360 with a cap of $28,357 for those with six years of experience.

Air Force staff sergeants begin at $25,481. The maximum salary, for members with 12 years of experience, is $36,155. Salaries for technical sergeants ranges from $27,814 for new members to $43,078 for members with 18 years of experience.

The final rank at which new Air Force members can enter with no experience is Master Sergeant. The salary range is $32,155 for new members to $57,791 for those with 26 years of experience.

Senior master sergeants require eight years of Air Force experience. Their salary range is $46,256 to $65,974 for 30 years of experience. The final enlisted rank is Senior Master Sergeant, which requires 10 years of experience. The salary range is $56,506 to $87,732 for 38 years of experience.