How Do You Use a Free UPS Certificate of Origin Form?

Use the free UPS Certificate of Origin form to designate the contents of a package originating from the United States with a destination in another country. The form must contain a list and description of the items contained, appear with the invoice for the package, and contain the authorized signature of the local Chamber of Commerce Secretary.

To fill out the free Certificate of Origin form from UPS, visit the International Shipping section of, and locate the page for Certificate of Origin. Download the free PDF, and follow its instructions to list all the items that appear in the shipment, including estimations of their value. You must also include your contact information and the details about the shipment's destination. After completing the form, take it to your local Chamber of Commerce to receive the official signature of its Secretary and the seal of the organization.

A Certificate of Origin allows foreign customs officials to determine the type and value of certain products made in the United States and ensure that their transport complies with all current national and international goods and exporting treaties. Some countries place additional restrictions on items, such as foods or textiles, limiting the amount or total cost of the items per shipment. The form also allows the customs agents to confirm that the shipment does not contain unauthorized substances or items banned in the country.