How Do You Use Training Program Templates?


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Use training program templates by modifying the contents to suit the specific purpose of the training and the needs of your organization, replacing names and terms where necessary to make the document relevant to the situation. This includes inserting specific procedures and policies, replacing placeholder terms and removing other sections to include new content relevant to your company.

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A training program template typically includes sample text that highlights the general organization and structure for such a document, which begins with a brief overview of the subject process before moving onto specific actions and activities. Begin by reviewing the template to make sure its general format aligns with your needs, as this reduces the amount of work necessary to customize it. For example, if you need to create a document to train new employees on a software program, avoid templates that focus on physical actions or similar activities as they may feature extraneous content.

Review the document fully to build an understanding of its structure, then begin modifying it section by section to tailor it to your needs. Explain the procedure for which you are training in general terms, then identify the sections in which to insert the exact steps and methods. You may also need to create a section that explains how to carry out the process under specific circumstances, such as common complications or situations. Conclude the document by inserting the names of the relevant supervisors or administrators to contact if the employee has any questions.

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