How Do You Use a Template for a Maintenance Agreement?


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A company can use a maintenance agreement template to construct unique agreements that are well-suited for the company's clientele. Maintenance agreement templates can save time and ensure that each agreement meets certain basic minimum requirements. An agreement might specify extra charges for maintenance calls made outside of regular business hours.

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Maintenance agreements specify exactly what costs equipment buyers must bear to access specified equipment maintenance services. Agreements may specify specific numbers of allowable maintenance visits or man-hours per year. Since maintenance agreements are legally binding contracts, it is wise to avoid ambiguities when drafting these documents.

A business can use a maintenance contract for legal defense if sued by customers. This is most-practical when the contract in question spells out every type of maintenance service offered. If the dispute in question involves a service not mentioned in the contract, the contract is less-useful in court. Businesses should revise their maintenance agreement templates as they add or remove services offered.

Maintenance agreements typically address compensation details, including methods of payment and payment schedules. To avoid costly legal maneuvers, these agreements may include provisions for arbitrating or mediating contractual disputes. Indemnity clauses are also found in maintenance agreements and further specify the legal responsibilities of various parties.

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