How Do You Use a Spreadsheet to Organize Your Bills?


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To organize your bills with a spreadsheet, create a table with Microsoft Excel, and feed in expenditure information. After you insert necessary formulae and information, all bills display in the spreadsheet.

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How Do You Use a Spreadsheet to Organize Your Bills?
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Label columns A through F as follows: date, group, description, income, expense and total. Leaving out B1, select the rest of the group column by clicking cell B2, and then press Shift and End concurrently. On top of the spreadsheet, click Data, and on the drop-down menu of Data validation, choose Data validation. Select Settings, and click List on the Allow drop-down menu. A Source: text field should appear. Key in "=Sheet2!$A:$A" in the field, and click OK.

In the income section, click cell D2, and press the Shift and End keys simultaneously. Hold down Shift, and press the right arrow key two times to select the whole D, E and F columns. Click the Home tab on top of the sheet, and from the Number drop-down menu, choose Currency.

Insert "=D2-E2" in cell F2, and press Enter. Key in "=F2+D3-E3" and press down Enter, and by holding down Ctrl key, press key C to copy the formula. Right click on cell F4 to paste the formula.

Click Sheet2, and type the names of expenses in column A cells. Click the Sheet1 tab, select cell A2 to make a new expense entry, and include a date. In cell B2, choose a group from the drop-down menu. Give a detailed description of the expense in cell C2, and enter the expenditure amount in cell E2.

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