How Do You Use a Slogan Generator Tool?


Slogan generators require the entry of a keyword or phrase representing a key aspect of a business or organization into a software program. The program then provides several possible slogan options using its database of words or slogans. Resubmitting or submitting new words generates additional slogan options.

When selecting a word or phrase to enter, consider the primary function of the business or organization and its target audience. Try entering different words with similar meanings or variants of words. Avoid potentially offensive language by considering double-meanings and meanings in other languages when choosing keywords. Many free slogan generators are available online, so there is no limit to the number of keywords or phrases that can be submitted, resulting in several slogans for consideration.

When choosing a slogan generator, learn about how it builds slogans from its database and if it uses existing slogans, possibly in use by other businesses, by simply replacing words. In all cases, research a selected slogan to ensure it is not already in use, copyrighted or trademarked by another business. Slogans too similar to existing ones make branding and marketing harder to accomplish and risk legal trouble.

Links to free online slogan generators are available from Small Business Sense.