How Do You Use Skidders Logging Equipment?


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Cable skidders pull logs to their destination after an operator connects a durable cable to the logs. Grapple skidders lift piles of logs off the ground using a large claw-like device, and they then haul the logs to their destinations..

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How Do You Use Skidders Logging Equipment?
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Cable skidders are the simplest type of skidder. These machines feature an articulated vehicle body, four very large wheels, a powerful engine and a reinforced cabin for the main operator. The front of a cable skidder features a powerful winch connected to a cable that either the main operator or a helper connects to one or more logs. The cable skidder then retracts the cable, and a reinforced guard on front of the skidder prevents the logs from slamming into the machine and causing damage.

Grapple skidders use a large, adjustable grappling claw attached to the front of the machine. After approaching a group of logs, the grapple skidder opens its claw, lowers it over the logs, closes it, raises the loaded claw and finally transports the logs to their destination. Many grapple skidders can only pick up piles of logs directly in front of the vehicle, however newer grapple skidders can move their grapple arms in all four directions increasing their versatility.

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